Personal Training:


What is it?

Personal training is having your own fitness coach whom will guide you to your fitness goals,

whether you wish to only slim down, lose weight, build strength, increase your flexibility,

improve your cardiovascular fitness or improve your overall wellbeing.

At Ikigai Coaching Studio, you will experience individual programming, coaching tips for

weightloss & general wellbeing.


I specialize in: 'Getting you moving", firming and toning. if you haven't trained for some time and wish

to start again, but do not want to go to a Gym, then the IKIGAI studio is just for you. It is cozy and intimate.

No hard core equipment pieces, only fun pieces such as: TRX suspension training, Stability balls,

Flexibands, Resistance bands, Foam Rollers, Fitness Circles, Gymsticks, hand weights & your own body weight.

How will I benefit from doing Personal Training at Ikigai Coaching Studio?

1.   Motivation: I will provide unparalleled motivation and help you move past self-imposed limitations,

I will stimulate a feeling of accomplishment within you. I will guide you to achieve your goals, which you

though never possible.

2.   Results: each session is results driven, thus specific to your needs. Every session is unique to you!

3.   Safety: I will ensure that you train safely to prevent injury, based on your individual needs.

4.   Accountability: I will help you stay committed to your program.

5.   Fun: I strive to keep the atmosphere light and fun filled.  At Ikigai you can leave the worldly worries

outside the door, this is your time!

6.   Affordable : Ikigai coaching studio is a private studio and I can keep my session cost lower than others.

Special rates are always available, should you wish to train with a partner (2) or form a small group (4)

What is the process of Personal Training?

1.   We do an information consultation. We will discuss your fitness goals, what you have done in the past,

what you enjoy and dislike, including answer your questions to clarify any uncertainties. We will also look at

your nutritional requirements.

2.   A specialized fitness program will be designed to your needs. Everyone is so different and therefore no

one programs suits all.

3.   Basic fitness tests may be completed and measurement may be taken depending on your goals and

needs. Regular test will be completed during your period of training to assess your results.

4.   We will start with a basic training program to assess your fitness level and we will adjust your program

as you progress to more advanced and functional movements.

5.   Why wait - let's get fit!


What is TRX suspension training?   

Born in the US navy seals teams, the TRX is the original Suspension Trainer. This complete bodyweight

training station delivers optimal results for people of all ages and fitness levels.

With its unique Vector Resistance® technology, the TRX cleverly uses your body to create resistance.

Control precisely how difficult each exercise is simply by shifting your weight. Keep it basic or challenge

your limits!

Beyond adjusting specifically for your fitness level, the TRX offers an unmatched variety of exercises for the

entire body. To perform better in sports and in life. The TRX is the ideal training solution.

Why wait? Step up to the plate today and change your life and your fitness levels. Make your body your


Are you strapped for time? Join me for a 30 minute session.

I have been in the fitness industry since my early years of study and apart from being a fitness junky,

I absolutely enjoy to share my knowledge and helping others to gain fitness and to teach them how to

invest in their own wellness. Make a lifestyle change today! Create wonderful new habits and live healthy

and strong for as long as possible. 

Give me a call today..

IKIGAI coaching studio operates from: Monday - Saturday. Sessions may be booked from as early as 5h30.

Should you wish to train with a couple of your friends (from 3 and limited to 4) additional group sessions may

be arranged to suit your needs

Payments to be made prior to any scheduled session

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