Ikigai: Ikigai (pronounced "icky guy") is the Japanese equivalent of the French, raison d'être. In English, these translate respectively as: 'something important one lives for', and 'a reason for being'. Everyone, according to the Japanese, has a hidden IKIGAI. Finding it requires a deep and often lengthy search of self. Such a search is regarded as being very important, since it is believed that discovery of one's IKIGAI brings satisfaction and meaning to life. With Nlp Coaching you do not have to spend a lengthy search of self, allow me to guide you to finding that reason for being.

Are you ready to experience satisfaction and add meaning to your life?

Background information on your coach:

I have an intense passion for helping people and to see them grow & achieving the goals they set out for themselves. I'm not only a fitness junky, but also a life junky! Mostly, I'm devoted to share my knowledge in fitness and give guidance that you can achieve your Ikigai (purpose) in life.


I studied Physical Education and have been involved in the fitness industry since 1989. Initially I worked as a freelance Aqua aerobic instructor and in later years started teaching spinning, step, body conditioning, boot camp, functional training, pilates and yoga.  Through those years I was a Master Trainer for Reebok University and trained instructors as Aqua instructors and had the privilege to present at various fitness conventions and workshops.


I then started working fulltime for Virgin Active (Health & Racquet clubs till end of 2000) where I worked till 2008. I was a Master Trainer of various Virgin Active Fitness programs and trained & coached staff in both fitness activities and management skills. I developed fitness initiatives and wrote a number of fitness & training manuals.


I completed my training in Nlp in April 2008 and started coaching people and the fulfilment I'm receiving through seeing and experiencing the change in others is indescribable! I'm living my dream! I'm taking care of my needs and now I have that inner calm and peace which only comes when you are living your life's IKIGAI.






Create your Future Master NLP Coach

NLP Master Practitioner

Master Time Line Therapy Practitioner

Master Hypnotherapy Practitioner

Diploma in Natural Medicine

BA Phys Ed

Hawaiian & Deep Tissue massage

Various Fitness qualifications (Pilates, Yoga, Body Conditioning, step, Boot camp, Functional Training ect.)




Sonia Sboros Cell: 082 83 98 377

Town: Lynnwood Glen Pretoria

E-mail: sonia@ikigaicoaching.co.za